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  Posted: 25.07.21 at 00:01 by The Editor

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Want to make sure you never miss a story from the news in Kenilworth? Well Nub News has the answer with a weekly newsletter delivered straight to your inbox.

Each and every Friday we will be bringing hyperlocal news straight to you, replacing our popular 'Weekly Round Up' pieces with a free newsletter.

This newsletter will be your one-stop-shop for all things Kenilworth, with the ten most-read articles of the week coming straight to your inbox.

Our first newsletter came out at the beginning of February, and now we have over 1,300 local subscribers.

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What can you expect from the newsletter?

Every week you will get to read an exclusive article - one that can only be found in our newsletter.

Whether this an important campaign, a look back through history or a crucial news story it will always be worth a read.

For example we have previously featured a column about the career of Kenilworth-born Premier League Winner Tim Flowers, as well as interviews with the owner of Fosse Way Brewery, and an update on the latest works on the A46 Stoneleigh Island junction.

The newsletter will also feature the top articles from Kenilworth Nub News each week to make sure you never miss a story.

This week, big stories included an update on the fantastic fundraising work done by the Kenilworth-Uyogo Friendship Link, and the news that The Cross was named as the best pub in Warwickshire.

The latest local businesses signed up to our free directory and upcoming events will also be brought to your attention every single week.

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