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Keep your town in your pocket.

The school cycling campaigners Isadora McAinsh and George Bell deserve our thanks and encouragement for their efforts to hold Warwickshire County Council to delivering safe cycling facilities that it has promised.

WCC's leader, Cllr Izzi Seccombe made positive, if rather casual approval of the campaigners, but sadly, local authorities in our area have a consistently dismal record of heel dragging when it comes to real action for safe cycling.

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Jeremy Wright is not, as I expected, but not as I hoped, taking a stand to improve the standard of British politics.

The sad fact of the matter that the Conservative Party don't have a good replacement candidate and will probably allow Boris Johnson to soldier on until the May council elections - accepting that Mr Johnson's failures are "costed in" to the pros and cons of his appeal to the minority Conservative electorate who supported him.

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