Kenilworth Mayor joins in commemoration of Abbey End bombing

  Posted: 21.11.20 at 16:43 by Richard Dickson, Town Mayor

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Together with local author Robin Leach, Tony Collett, Rev'd Andrew Attwood and Cllr Kate Dickson, we marked today the 80th anniversary of when bombs/landmines dropped on Kenilworth killing more than 25 people.

Tony Collett, who now lives near Cambridge, is the grandson of Sarah Collett, who was killed in Kenilworth by shrapnel on 7th November 1940.

The time at which the clock has stopped [in the second photograph at the top of the page] is ironic, given that it was approximately 2am on the morning of 21st November 1940 when the explosions took place.

This was only the 6th time that such a commemorative event had taken place and the 1st time that it has taken place with the plaque on the Abbey End memorial naming all the victims.

As well as laying a wreath at the memorial at Abbey End, flowers were also laid on the grave of the unidentified victims in Kenilworth cemetery.

This was a spatially-distanced event which deliberately was not publicised in advance in order to comply with COVID19 regulations.

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