Brunch is Kenilworth's post-pandemic meal of the week according to High Street pub

  Posted: 25.11.21 at 15:18 by The Editor

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Kenilworth is a self-confessed town of ‘brunchers’, with more than half of residents admitting to eating brunch multiple times a week according to one of the town's pubs.

A OnePoll survey taken by the Abbey Field, on High Street, found the breakfast-lunch hybrid has seen a massive boost in popularity post pandemic.

Ahead of the launch of the pub's festive brunch menu this weekend, it found that four in ten people say they eat brunch more often now than they did 18 months ago.

And an indulgent 13 per cent treat themselves every day – rising to nearly three in ten amongst 18-to-24-year-olds questioned.

More than half of those questioned believe brunch adds something special to the day that other meals can’t match. Coming away feeling relaxed is another big benefit for the same number of respondents, and 48 per cent say it makes them feel happy.

Celebrity psychologist Emma Kenny explained that the concept of brunch brings with it so many emotional and feel-good benefits, it’s easy to see just why it’s so popular – especially in the run up to Christmas.

More than half of us say brunch makes feel us feel relaxed

Emma said: “Self-care is a big part of positive mental health and wellbeing and, when we treat ourselves to delicious food, we automatically give ourselves a message that we are deserving and entitled to this self-nurture.

"This seems to be particularly true this festive season, as most of us feel like we have celebrations to make up for after last year.”

Brunch is also a popular – and often romantic - way to catch up with family, friends and loved ones, as well as a superb way to celebrate.

Almost a third of people said they most enjoy eating brunch with their partner.

One in four people believe brunch is most fitting for a family get together, and one in five said the mid-morning meal is best enjoyed with friends.

David Williams, general manager at the Abbey Field, said: “For a long time now, brunch has been the preferred - if not revered - weekend meal for many of us.

The Abbey Field is launching its new brunch menu this weekend

"It’s proving particularly popular as we enter the festive period and we have some delicious dishes to try including chocolate baked oats, for those looking for a sweet treat, and beef rib hash for those looking for a heartier meal.

“It goes without saying that many of us are more excited than usual for Christmas this year, and this latest addition to our menus provides the perfect excuse for festive fun.”

The festive brunch menu is now available at the Abbey Field every Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am until 11.15am until January 2 and a brunch menu will replace the festive menu thereafter.

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