'Community, creativity and culture have never been stronger' town council reflects on the last year in Kenilworth

  Posted: 27.04.21 at 11:42 by The Editor

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Positivity through adversity was the message from Kenilworth Town Council at last night's annual assembly.

Mayor of Kenilworth Cllr Richard Dickson updated residents on the working practices of the council, gave an assessment of the past year for the town as a community and answered questions from residents regarding the lido.

Cllr Dickson addressed both the hardships as well as the positivities that have come out of the last year in Kenilworth.

He spoke of the 45 residents who have died due to Covid-19, as well as more than 800 who have also contracted the virus. Cllr Dickson also spoke about the emotional and economical impact of the three lockdowns, the loss of dedicated community events, closure of businesses and faith buildings.

He said: "The physical impact of Covid-19 has been huge and the mental and emotional impact even bigger and more lasting. We’ve had to get used to accepting restrictions on freedoms which previously we took for granted.

"The freedom to go where we want, with whom and whenever suited us."

Residents and town councillors met last night to hear a report of the last year in Kenilworth

However, positivity was clear. "And yet the town’s sense of community, creativity and culture has probably never been stronger," he said.

"Groups like the Covid-19 Support Kenilworth group have helped us care for our neighbours like never before...staff and pupils at our schools have amazingly continued to learn. Businesses have adapted how they work."

He added: "Local community journalism is alive and well too, thanks to the launch this past year of Kenilworth Nub News with a dedicated Kenilworth reporter."

Cllr Dickson also looked towards the future of the town.

"In the next 12 months we must continue to cherish our new-found sense of community just as we continue to respond to the other huge challenge we face, namely the climate change emergency.

"As always, but particularly through this period of sustained progressive change, Kenilworth Town Councillors will remember that citizens are the foundation of the town."

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