The Bradleys of Kenilworth: we are blessed to live in Warwickshire

  Posted: 31.10.20 at 12:05 by The Bradleys of Kenilworth

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Kenilworth's Most Famous Couple, Neil and Gayle Bradley, will now be reaching out to the town through their fortnightly column with Kenilworth Nub News. Here is their first instalment talking about the importance of taking the time to appreciate our surroundings.

Hello Nubbers, so you may be wondering what ‘Kenilworth’s Most Famous Couple’ the Bradleys have been up to this this week.

We all need to find space in our busy lives to go find beauty and this is just what we did.

We are blessed to live in Warwickshire. Neil is passionate about the remaining woodlands of the ancient forest of Arden, which surround us in small pockets, for its wildlife and birds.

Gaylita is the tree-hugger of the family. Us Bradleys really do love autumn and get out in the wilds of Warwickshire as often as possible for its calming and creative properties.

We had a meeting in Leamington Spa this week, and could’ve parked out front, but we decided to arrive 20 minutes early, park, and walk through to see the trees. Jephson park really is a stunner in autumn.

Neil is passionate about the remaining woodlands of the ancient forest of Arden

We can’t help thinking that the people who planted those magnificent trees all those years ago knew they would never live to see them in their full magnificence, but they planted them anyway.

The Victorians knew about the healing power of nature and green spaces in those days. Is this something we have become removed from?

Today, the magnificent autumn show at Jephson park makes the heart beat a little faster and the soul becomes a little more stilled.

There was a recent Japanese study called ‘the psychological benefits of walking through forest areas’ which showed those spending time near trees "experienced less anxiety, hostility, fatigue, confusion, and depressive symptoms, and more vigour, compared to those walking in a town or city."

Have you tried forest bathing? Give it a (socially distanced) go and see how this can calm you. Or howl at the full moon at Halloween. This always makes me feel better.

A walk in Warwickshire really will blow away those cobwebs. Our green spaces have never been more important to our wellbeing, not only for giving us the air that we breathe, but also the space for contemplation, connection to our environment and serenity that we all would benefit from.

Make the time this autumn to meet the Caucasian Wingnut at Jephson park and tell him your worries. He’s a good listener.

You can hear ‘Kenilworth’s Most Famous Couple’ on-air live on live from the Kenilworth Centre every Sunday 11.00am to 1.00pm.

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