Petition to save Kenilworth Lido reaches 1000 signatures

  Posted: 10.09.20 at 11:30 by The Editor

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The petition posted by the Kenilworth Lido campaign has today reached 1000 signatures as it aims to prompt the council to pause the current Kenilworth leisure project.

The petition was launched in July 2020, and now at the start of September, it has reached yet another significant milestone.

The petition is calling Warwick District Council to reverse their decision to close the Abbey Fields Leisure Centre for the summer.

As well as a social media campaign, the group have also been distributing posters around the town, with a QR code to access the petition.

With fears that the current global situation is as worrying for people’s mental health as well as physical, campaigners have stressed the significance that opening the leisure centre could have.

“Outdoor swimming is valuable for both physical and mental wellbeing.

The group have also been distributing posters around the town, with a QR code to access the petition.

“As we all try to adapt to the ‘new normal’ brought about by Coronavirus this must be given high priority.”

“We therefore call on Warwick District Council to carry out Kenilworth Town Council's call for WDC to pause the current Kenilworth leisure project and 'create a revised plan'; and this to include a Feasibility Study into the viability of an outdoor pool.”

A simple scroll through the online petition will reveal the importance that the space has to the local community.

One signee wrote “I attended this as a child and have taken my own children. It is part of Kenilworth’s history and should be preserved and maintained for future generations.”

Whilst another wrote “me and my teenage children love swimming outdoors. We cannot go abroad on holiday and swimming in the outdoor pool makes us feel as if we are on holiday. This amenity should not be about profit!”

The petition has just reached 1000 signatures

As the petition hits the 1000 mark it is clear that there is a depth of feeling within the town towards the lido.

Ruth Colgan, Chair of Kenilworth Lido Campaign said to Nub news, “We are delighted to have reached 1,000 signatures on our new petition to Warwick District Council.

“This shows the strength of support in our town. We are asking the council to review their descision.

“We know the Council’s contractor is struggling to deliver under Covid-19 restrictions and that swimming outdoors is a safer option, isn’t it time to take a proper look at the business case for an outdoor swimming pool?"

If you would like to support the petition, please follow this link

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