Meet the candidates: Lapworth and West Kenilworth

  Posted: 04.05.21 at 13:37 by The Editor

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Incumbent Cllr John Cooke will be contesting the Lapworth and West Kenilworth seat again this Thursday (May 6), having first been elected a Conservative councillor for Warwickshire County Council in 2017.

Standing for Lapworth and West Kenilworth at WCC:

John Cooke - Conservative
John Watson - Green
Nicholas Hoten - Labour
Robert Eason - Liberal Democrats
Sue Gallagher - Independent

John Cooke

John Cooke also holds a seat at Warwick District Council where he is the portfolio holder for development services.

Speaking to Kenilworth Nub News he said: "I believe that my many years experience as a local councillor, particularly in planning matters, can assist greatly as the government moves to a completely new planning system, as well as local government reorganisation.

John Cooke - Conservative

"My dual membership of both county and district councils leaves me well placed to assist in these issues and with other local government matters too."

John Watson

Green candidate John Watson lives in Kenilworth with his four children, all of whom attend local schools. Having worked in automotive design for much of his career, Mr Watson now works at a natural burial ground in Temple Balsall.

Asked why he will be contesting the Lapworth and West Kenilworth Ward he said: “I want to initiate change in our traffic and transport systems. I aim to scrutinise transport plans from a fresh and optimistic perspective.

“Our economy needs this kind of positive energy to invigorate a green recovery. We should not allow polluting industries to go back to doing what they think they know best, just because it’s all that they know.

John Watson - Green

“We need a revolution in electric transport to clean up the roads that we already have and definitely not to carry on building more roads at the whim of the motor lobby.”

Mr Watson added: “We should link up the whole county with an integrated train and cycle network, allowing people to enjoy a day out to explore their environment, breathing the clean Warwickshire air, then hopping onto a train home invigorated."

Nicholas Hoten

The Labour group has put forward Nick Hoten as its candidate for the Lapworth and West Kenilworth Ward.

A chartered accountant, Mr Hoten has lived in Kenilworth for 33 years and was based in Leamington for a decade before that.

Nick Hoten - Labour

He has said: "The county council is planning an A46 link road from the A46 Stoneleigh junction to Westwood Heath Road.

"This major project is surely incompatible with Warwick District Council’s aim to ensure that total carbon emissions in Warwick district are as close to zero as possible by 2030.

"We in the local Labour Party believe that the county council should suspend further development of the scheme until a full re-evaluation of the planning assumptions is made, including reassessment of traffic flow forecasts and a sustainability analysis.

"A vote for me on 6 May will be a vote for a county with a more sustainable future, run more effectively and with more support for those in need."

Robert Eason

Robert Eason - Liberal Democrat

Rob Eason, originally from Shropshire, is a Technical Support Manager at Warwick University and the Liberal Democrat candidate for Lapworth and West Kenilworth.

Mr Eason's children both attended Priors Field School and are currently at Kenilworth School.

In 2010 he decided to give something back to his adopted home and joined Kenilworth Round Table where he became chairman.

Mr Eason said: “The town is particularly strong with community groups and this is a major factor in Kenilworth being a great place to live despite all the changes it faces. County councillors will have an active role to play in these changes as we move forward together."

Sue Gallagher

Sue Gallagher - Independent

Sue Gallagher, who has lived in Haseley Knob for 30 years, is running as an Independent candidate.

She previously served on Warwick District Council between 2007 and 2019.

Ms Gallagher said should she be elected she would focus on transport issues as well as adult social care and minimising bureaucracy to ensure council tax is spent wisely.

Speaking to Kenilworth Nub News she said: "For me being elected is to represent the people that means listening to them and speaking up for them.

"I believe in putting the people first and concentrating on one role at county level independent of any political interference which is a contrast to some holding three roles on three councils for a political party.

"I firmly and increasingly believe that for people to have faith and belief in democracy it has to work as effectively as possible, that’s why I am self funding my campaign and standing as an Independent.

"I want to represent the Lapworth and West Kenilworth division of the Warwickshire county council with a keen focus on improving adult social care, transport, and efficiency to ensure council tax is used as effectively as possible."

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