Meet the candidates: Kenilworth St John's

  Posted: 04.05.21 at 13:16 by The Editor

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Kenilworth St. John's will have a new representative at Warwickshire County Council come May 7, as incumbent Cllr Alan Cockburn will be retiring after 20 years of service.

Five candidates are standing to replace him.

Standing for St. John's at WCC:

Adrian Marsh - Liberal Democrats
Jane Green - Labour
Richard Spencer - Conservative
Wayne Harris - Social Democrat
Wendy Edwards - Green

Adrian Marsh

Adrian Marsh, a Kenilworth resident of more than 25 years, is married with two children and is an active sportsman who believes that local arts, recreation and sports facilities should be protected and improved.

Adrian Marsh - Liberal Democrat

In his professional career he has been a passionate supporter of skills development and apprenticeships.

Mr Marsh said: “Kenilworth is embarking on massive change that will see hundreds of new homes built and growing pressure on local services. I want to give St John’s residents a powerful voice so that the changes are sensible, sustainable and environmentally-sensitive.”

Jane Green

Jane Green will represent the Labour Party for Kenilworth St John's Ward.

Ms Green, who has always lived in and around Kenilworth her whole life has said she wants to try to stop the proposed developments for Abbey Fields leisure centre which will "ruin the semi-rural character of our beautiful Abbey Fields" she says.

Jane Green - Labour

Ms Green also says she is committed to promoting a greener Warwickshire. "If elected I would prioritise increased recycling rates through community and business involvement.

"Transport is a major source of pollution so I have been exploring the possibility of Kenilworth having a community-run electric car and bike club, to share and hire out zero-emission vehicles; giving people the chance to try out electric transport and to cut down on private car use, with many benefits for all."

Richard Spencer

Raised in Kenilworth, Richard Spencer has lived in the town for the majority of his life, aside from his studies at the University of Stirling as a mature student in the 1990’s, and a brief relocation to reside in New Zealand.

Mr Spencer is a father to two children who both attend Kenilworth School, and he has spent most of his professional life working in the automotive industry.

Rik Spencer - Conservative

"I am keen to become involved with the improvement of our town centre, to work with residents to attempt to harmonise pedestrian, cycles and vehicle use of Warwick Road, enhancing both safety and shopping experience in the town."

Mr Spencer has also said that he is committed to continuing the work of the retiring Cllr Alan Cockburn, in funding the planting of trees across the town.

"I’ve realised that it is all too easy to criticise or moan and groan about things which happen in the town and point the figure of blame.

"Hence when the opportunity came about to stand and hopefully represent St John’s Ward for the Conservative Party, I figured why not?"

Wendy Edwards

Wendy Edwards - Green

Green candidate Wendy Edwards has lived in Kenilworth for over 30 years, spending her working life as a science teacher in further education in Coventry.

Speaking on why she loves Kenilworth Ms Edwards said: “I love that I am able to walk 15 minutes from home in one direction and be in the countryside or walk 15 minutes in another and be in the town.”

As well as discussing local transport issues, she also highlighted the need to focus on problems facing local young people.

“As an ex-teacher, I am very concerned about education and engagement of young people. We need to make sure that the new school is built to high environmental standards and provides education fit for a rapidly changing world.”

Wayne Harris

Mr Harris, an independent candidate, was approached for comment by Kenilworth Nub News, but has not provided one.

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