GALLERY: 'Secret Views of Kenilworth' art exhibition comes to Warwick Road

  Posted: 22.04.21 at 09:44 by The Editor

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'Secret Views of Kenilworth' is the theme of the latest free art exhibition to be hosted in the empty 'Poundland' unit on Warwick Road.

Comprised of pieces produced by local artists, the exhibition has been on display since the beginning of April.

It will stay available until Wednesday, May 4.

The exhibition has been organised by local creative Nicola Bagga, who has helped to coordinate a calendar of exhibitions in the unit with Becky Webb of Kenilworth Arts Festival and Jacqui Smithson of Kenilworth Artists.

Speaking to Kenilworth Nub News, Nicola said: “We wanted to keep it Kenilworth-centric, whilst there will be artists from Leamington, and Warwick and the surrounding areas, it will still be Kenilworth orientated, so it will be Secret Views of Kenilworth.”

The theme was inspired by a painting by Paul Miller which depicted the back of two houses at the top of the old High Street.

'School Lane' by Jay Cartwright

“You may almost recognise it," says Nicola, "but not be able to quite tell where it is because it is a different perspective from what you would expect to see of two quite recognisable buildings.

“Everyone focuses on the castle or the old High Street because they are the oldest parts of Kenilworth, and the prettiest in my opinion.

"But it would be nice to see what comes out of this to get people looking at Kenilworth in a different way and getting a different point of view.”

A number of the paintings are available for purchase, and the full list can be seen at the bottom of this page.

A selection of the paintings can be seen in the gallery at the top of the page, but you will need to head down to Warwick Road to see them all.

'Walk to Ashow' by Paula Perry

Full list of works:

- 'Lower Laydes' by Nicky Bagga (£65)
- 'Rabbit in a Meadow' by Amy Rodger (£30)
- 'Where There's Tea There's Hope' by Diane Shores (Contact directly)
- 'Rocky Lane' by John Foley (£150)
- 'Kenilworth Common 01' by Kevin Alexander (£95)
- 'Old Town Cottages' by Laima Rullis (£60)

- 'Bluebell Stroll (Crackley Wood)' by Leanne Simmons (£210)
- 'Cherry Blossoms in Kenilworth' by Natalie Thurman (£80)
- 'High Street and Castle Hill From Abbey Fields' by Paul Miller (£175)
- 'The Secret Fairy Tunnel' by Sue Cable (£100)
- 'I Spy a Castle Through the Trees' by Jacqui Smithson (£195)
- 'School Lane' by Jay Cartwright (£100)

- 'Bullimore Bluebell Wood' by Celine Llewellyn-Jones (£150)
- 'Lime Tree Walk' by Carol Blunt (£220)
- 'Swans on the Lake at Abbey Fields' by Rosalind Bannister (£25)
- 'Finham Brook' by Chris Emsley (£264)
- 'Winter on the Greenway' by Gary Eite (£75)
- 'Walk to Ashow' by Paula Perry (£95)

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