Fly-tipping and vandalism mean recycling banks in Warwick district will be removed

  Posted: 12.01.21 at 16:20 by The Editor

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As a result of vandalism and fly-tipping, Warwick District Council has taken the decision to remove its recycling banks from shopping precincts, supermarket car parks and other sites

The district council will begin placing notices and signage on the sites affected to inform users of the change, before all banks are removed in February.

The communal facilities, which include privately operated clothes and textile banks were installed long before the introduction of household kerbside collections, but in recent years have fallen foul of vandalism, fly-tipping and illegal disposal of commercial waste.

Warwick District’s Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Services, Councillor Moira-Ann Grainger said: “The recycling banks account for less than 1% of the total waste recycled in the district, we therefore feel that this is a sensible and pragmatic decision.

"Only council tax rated residential properties are eligible for kerbside waste and recycling collections, it is therefore a better use of resources to invest in this service rather than carrying the increasing costs of maintaining facilities which are often subject to abuse.

"There are no limits on the amount that a household can recycle, as long as it is presented within the Council’s guidelines.”

The council plans to fully remove the recycling banks during the week commencing 22 February 2021, but will continue to monitor the sites and take enforcement action if there are incidents of fly-tipping.

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