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  Posted: 14.04.21 at 14:33 by The Editor

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Kenilworth Nub News is delighted and proud to announce that WCS Care has become our latest sponsor, enabling our community website to continue to provide the latest hyper-local news, sport and features for the town.

The local care home charity has two homes in Kenilworth - Castle Brook (a care home for older people and people with dementia) and Newlands (a care home for younger adults).

Formed in 1992 when it took over the day-to-day management of a number of care homes from the local authority, WCS Care now has 13 care homes providing high quality and innovative care for up to 550 residents across the county, offering both privately-funded and socially funded places.

This means that not only can WCS offer services to a wider range of people, but those whose financial situations may change whilst in residency, will not be asked to leave what has become their home.

Newlands on Whites Row was one of the first homes run by WCS Care, supporting younger adults with physical disabilities or long-term health conditions.

Castle Brook on Common Lane was opened in 2016 and supports older residents and people with dementia.

Shop and laundrette facilities at Castle Brook

Every day well lived

As well as providing both private and socially funded care, WCS also prides itself on its ethos of ‘Every Day Well Lived’.

Bonnie Burbury, Home Manager at Newlands, said: “Our homes are full of life and opportunities for people to continue enjoying what they’ve always done, as well as trying new experiences.

“Staff really enjoy getting to know residents’ stories, hobbies and interests so they can support people to carry on living their life with purpose and enjoyment – it’s about finding those everyday moments of happiness or activity that really make people smile.”

Jo Bullingham, General Manager at Castle Brook, added: “Just like the people who live with us, our homes have their own personalities but all have the same high quality care and a homely feel, supported by dedicated staff who go the extra mile to make every day well lived.”

WCS' ethos is 'every day well lived'


WCS Care is also well known in the sector for its innovation and approach to enhancing care.

The charity was the first care home group in the UK to introduce acoustic monitoring, which provides a listening ear at night and means residents aren’t disturbed by staff knocking on doors for hourly checks (which is the norm across the sector), meaning people have a better sleep leading to improved wellbeing.

For several years, WCS Care has been using electronic care planning in all of its homes, so staff can log care interactions at the touch of a button in real-time, meaning they can spend more time with residents instead of writing notes at the end of a shift.

Relatives can also check in on their loved one, send photos and messages, through the Relatives’ Gateway (with consent), wherever they are with an internet connection.

Castle Brook even has its own cinema!

And as the pandemic gathered pace around the world, the care provider sourced its own PPE supplies before Covid reached the UK to ensure that all staff were able to access PPE throughout to help keep everyone safe.

In recent years, WCS Care’s approach to innovation and creativity has been recognised by health and social care leaders including past secretaries of state for health and social care.

Karl Hancock, Nub News founder and chief executive officer, said: "To have such a prestigious and highly respected company as our latest sponsor in Kenilworth is immensely exciting.

"WCS Care’s reputation for providing innovative and outstanding care for its residents is well known, and this is a great opportunity to be working alongside them.

"The support of WCS Care will ensure we continue to provide the best hyper-local news to the people of Kenilworth.”

Newlands homes younger adults

To learn more about WCS Care click here to visit their website.

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