Bees and biodiversity to benefit from Kenilworth green space initiative

  Posted: 16.04.21 at 16:50 by The Editor

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A new initiative aimed at increasing biodiversity, and increasing community engagement in green spaces is set to come to Kenilworth.

Starting in the Park Hill Ward, 'Bee Friendly Kenilworth' (BFK) is a pilot scheme being run by a community group alongside Warwick District Council and Warwickshire County Council.

If the scheme is successful it could be rolled out across the rest of Kenilworth and elsewhere in the county.

BFK has said that it aims: "to allow wildflowers and tall grasses to flourish and promote wildlife; to limit the use of weedkillers which cut down biodiversity; and to engage local people in managing their green spaces."

To this end, some green spaces within the ward are not to be mown until the very end of summer 2021. The groups is encouraging residents to do something similar by saying 'Don’t Mow (yet), Let It Grow'.

"Mowing our lawns during the spring and summer months destroys thousands of hectares of wildflower habitat.

"We want to enable these to flourish in the summer, adding a display of colour which will support bees, butterflies and other pollinators."

The group is also looking for local volunteers to help with the project by taking photographs of the local area, helping to supplement wild flower species and litter picking.

Some local businesses have already got involved. Kenilworth Books has put up some blackboards in Talisman Square to go alongside flowers planted around the carpark.

A number of local councillors are also involved in the group including Cllr Alix Dearing, Cllr Tracey Drew and Cllr James Kennedy.

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